When dressing for a formal occasion like a first date or job interview, few accessories have the ability to upgrade a look quite like a quality dress watch.

And buying a good dress watch doesn't need to break the bank. In fact, we carry a wide variety of men's dress watches that are under $1,000.

Check out our best selection of affordable dress watches here.

10 Best Dress Watches for Under $1,000

All Gold Nixon Time Teller Watch

Time Teller - $125

The Time Teller is one of our all-time most popular watches. As a dress watch, the Time Teller checks all the boxes. The minimalist design is simple yet sophisticated, and it's available in a wide variety of colors from all gold to silver and green sunray.

Black and Gold Nixon Porter Watch

Porter - $175

Another affordable stainless steel dress watch worth consideration is the Nixon Porter. The Porter is a minimalist watch that is bold enough to go with any formal look. It has an ultra-thin, tapered watch case that keeps it from slowing you down.

All Black Nixon Mullet Watch

Mullet - $200

If you're looking for something slightly less dressy than stainless steel, but still fit for wear with a button down shirt, check out the Mullet. This ultra-thin analog watch rarely looks out of place and is available in colors that pair well with almost any look. Plus, it has a quick-release silicone strap, so you can swap it out for something more formal if the need arises.

Black and Gold Nixon Corporal Stainless Steel

Corporal Stainless Steel - $225

A stainless steel field watch can be a great look for those occasions when you have to dress up. The Nixon Corporal is one such dress watch that features an oversized bezel and a recessed crystal for an extra rugged look.

Silver and Black Nixon Regulus Stainless Steel Watch

Regulus Stainless Steel - $250

The Regulus Stainless Steel is a digital dress watch with military inspiration. Our original version of the Regulus was designed in direct collaboration with US Special Forces. The Stainless Steel version takes those same design elements and dresses them up.

Black and Silver Stinger 44 Dive Watch

Stinger 44 - $275

The Stinger 44 is our take on an updated dive watch. Available in three different colors (plus one extra limited edition color), the Stinger 44 fits in anywhere. What makes this dive watch different than the others? Well, it uses a solar movement!

Gold and Black Nixon Sentry Stainless Steel Dress Watch

Sentry Stainless Steel - $275

This version of the Sentry is in classic stainless steel with a battery-powered quartz movement and features a watch dial that pops with detail and depth. It also has a water rating of 100m, so you can get it wet without worrying that you've busted it.

Nixon Sentry Chrono Watch

Sentry Chrono - $350

The final version of the Sentry on this list of our best dress watches under $1,000 is the Sentry Chrono. The Nixon Sentry Chrono takes the same basic design elements of the other Sentry models and adds a chronograph complication to the watch dial. The addition of the chronograph brings sophistication to the model and makes it stand out when compared to more minimalist designs.

White and Silver Nixon Spectra Watch

Spectra - $375

One of the best Nixon dress watches is the Spectra. The Nixon Spectra is an Automatic watch with a ton of style. It comes with a skeleton dial that gives you a look into the inner workings of the watch. And since the Spectra uses an Automatic movement, you'll never have to change its batteries.

Turquoise and Silver Nixon 51-30 Chronograph Watch

51-30 Chrono - $500

Another of our all-time most popular watch models is the 51-30 Chrono. The ultimate statement piece, the Nixon 51-30 is an oversized watch guaranteed to say something about you every time you wear it. It's water resistant up to 300 meters, features a chronograph complication and is available in a wide variety of colors. Or, you can even customize your own version of the watch!

How to Engrave Your New Dress Watch

At Nixon, you also have the option to engrave watches with a custom message. So, if you'd like to personalize your new Nixon dress watch, look for the engraving option with the following six watch models:

  • 51-30 Chrono

  • Sentry Stainless Steel

  • Sentry Leather

  • Sentry Chrono

  • Corporal Stainless Steel

  • Regulus Stainless Steel